What is Voice Dialogue Coaching?

Voice Dialogue combined with Coaching creates a synergy that expedites clients’ personal growth. People reach heightened levels of clarity and awareness about themselves and others in a very natural, organic way. Transformation occurs as if by magic!

Let’s say you are offered a better job – better position, more money, better benefits, etc. The drawback is the requirement to relocate. You continue to have trouble making a decision about this opportunity.

In the coaching process we can explore your options through questions and answers, brainstorming, creating lists of pros and cons, etc.

When we introduce Voice Dialogue into the coaching process, we can now hear directly from the part of you that wants to take the promotion, and then we can hear from the part of you that likes the status quo.

Each of these opposite parts of you has its own energy, likes, dislikes, motivation, fears, and points of view. Before they are allowed to express themselves through the Voice Dialogue process, each part simply chases the other around inside you wreaking havoc.

After the Voice Dialogue process – because each part expressed itself and feels more accepted by you – it will quiet down. It no longer needs for you to hear it, though it still may want you to listen to it. Now, because you feel more separated from each part, from a centered place inside you (more balanced between your two opposing parts), you can make an informed-by-you decision.

During Voice Dialogue Coaching clients are continuously amazed at the new information each part inside them has to offer when they let that part express itself. Clients attain their goals more quickly and reach a place of peacefulness while navigating the journey of life.

The definition of the work

In my opinion, the easiest way for you to best understand what Voice Dialogue is about is to read a definition written by my facilitator and teacher, Miriam Dyak, the author of The Voice Dialogue Facilitator’s Handbook:

“Voice Dialogue and The Psychology of Selves were developed by psychologists, Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone. The Voice Dialogue method is a tool for personal growth. It helps us to become conscious of the many different and often conflicting aspects of our personalities. Once we begin to recognize these different parts or “inner selves,” we can create a healthy separation from them, and learn more and more to hold a new balance at center where we can be free to explore all of our humanness.

This process offers us a key to positive transformation in our relationships with ourselves and with others For example you might have a very strong part of yourself that habitually takes care of other people. You can use Voice Dialogue to get to know that part, understand the reasons it became such a strong aspect of your personality, and also learn that this isn’t all of who you are.

You can begin to hold center (“Aware Ego“) between this caretaking part and its opposite, a part that would put self care first. Rather than go to extremes of either sacrifice or selfishness, you can begin an “Aware Ego process” between these conflicting parts and learn to live in balance between them.

Another important part of Voice Dialogue work is understanding energetics, the way in which an inner self inhabits our being and expresses itself in the world. Voice Dialogue teaches us how to shift our energy in order to create relationships that are more alive, boundaries that really work, and an inner balance we can count on in meeting life’s challenges.”

Transformation occurs as if by magic!
Thank you Brenda for introducing me to, and facilitating me in the use of the Voice Dialogue process. It has been a very exciting and positive life changing experience! My awareness has expanded; I’ve gained a much better understanding of myself; and I resolved major internal conflicts which have blocked my way. I live life with much more clarity, feel more activated, and have a much greater sense of peacefulness with myself. I do believe the effectiveness of the Voice Dialogue process was really enhanced by your excellent facilitation skills. G.C.

Retired Bank Executive

When we talked the very first time and you said you knew you could help me, you were certainly right. I trust myself more now, and feel better about myself than I ever have before. I owe that largely to you and our work together. The Voice Dialogue part of our coaching has been inspirational. It has enabled me to become connected to parts of myself that I tried to distance in the past. Now I know that all parts of my personality are there for the purpose of helping me be the best whole person possible. All in all, life is good. As always, thank you Brenda! M.J.P.


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