Radical Awareness Coaching can shift you out of painful patterns and free you from self-sabotage.

What is Radical Awareness?

Radical Awareness® is my brand name for the deepest meaning of awareness and consciousness that people who partner with me in a coaching relationship experience almost right away. We all maintain different levels of consciousness. The more we learn about what is going on inside ourselves, the more our awareness grows, and our consciousness expands.

I’ll guide you through the process of Radical Awareness® Coaching which will lead you to the discovery of your core essence — the radiance at the very center of your being. From this new place you will find it easy to be, do, and create all that you desire.

Brenda Miller has helped me get to the core of myself and work my way from the inside to the outside. She has helped me to greatly reduce stress in my life by assisting me to modify my behavior.


Recruiter & Staffing Agent

The time we spent together as coach and client has had a tremendous impact on my life and career. I used to think, ‘what do I need a coach for?’ Now I truly wish our paths had crossed sooner. You helped me realize a potential in myself that continues to grow and amaze me. It is said that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. You not only appeared, but also challenged me to raise the bar and reach heights that would never have been possible without your passion for coaching and great listening skills. My ‘gremlins’ know better than to knock on my door! Thank you for believing in me.


Manager/Trainer, Market Learning

Reconnecting with your true self

Once you connect within yourself, you can learn to tap into that place of wisdom to discover solutions to your life’s challenges.

Radical Awareness® coaching is based on some of my beliefs about all people:

  • We are meant to be happy and to experience joy.
  • We want to love and be loved.
  • Our thoughts and beliefs are responsible for the outcomes and results in our lives.
  • There are no accidents. All our experiences have a purpose and happen for a reason.
  • Everything that happens to us, happens for us –for our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional growth. There are no victims. There are no villains. We always have choices.
  • In life, there is only this moment, right now. The past is gone; the future is an illusion.
  • We are fundamentally all the same, a part of each other, and a part of source energy (a higher power, God, or whatever resonates for you as the God of your heart).
  • Lessening the gaps between opposites in our lives helps us achieve balance.
  • Accepting the parts of ourselves that are conflicted helps us achieve peace.

Begin your journey with me today. Call me for a conversation to get a sense of how it will be to join me in a coaching partnership.

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