Brenda Miller, CPC

Radical Awareness Coach

I have been a Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher on a professional level for almost twenty years.  This is, in part, how I contribute to my vision of a peaceful world of people who accept themselves and others, and who have the skills and desire to create the lives they want to live. The passion I have for my work has a catalytic effect on my clients, inspiring them  to effect change in their lives.

I’m a good listener and explainer. The powerful questions I ask my clients come from a highly intuitive and empathic place inside me, and spur them to dig deep inside themselves to find the place of wisdom that offers solutions to their personal and professional challenges. Because I am forthright, objective, and non-judgmental, my clients trust me implicitly. Many of them stay in our relationship for years, looking to me for clarity, brainstorming, goal-setting, feedback, and raising the bar.

Interview with Brenda Miller, CPC

by Krysta Gibson | New Spirit Journal


I received my Certified Professional Coach designation from the Academy of Coach Training in the state of Washington. I am also a Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach who has trained with Colin Tipping, author and head of The Institute for Radical Forgiveness Therapy and Coaching. In addition, I am a Voice Dialogue Facilitator and a Reiki Master.

On a more personal level, I raised three children with whom I enjoy mutually satisfying relationships; experienced a divorce after being married for over twenty years; and presently enjoy a marriage to a loving, nurturing man. The circumstances of my life continue to teach me lessons and provide the wisdom I tap into as I facilitate my clients to access their own innate expertise and wisdom.

Coaching is My Calling

Before I became a Professional Coach using the skills of coaching has always been second nature for me. Ever since I was very young, others have come to me for insight, clarification, and strategizing. Throughout my previous careers — as Salesperson in commercial and residential real estate, Business Broker, Recruiter, Staffing and Career Consultant, Mentor, Manager, and Trainer — I helped others reach their goals, be better than they imagined they could be, and have more than they ever believed they would.

Being committed to my own personal growth fuels my journey of self-discovery. Every day I look for ways to be a better version of myself. Because I have been able to expand my own levels of awareness, self acceptance, and forgiveness, I have complete faith and trust that this possibility exists for others. I named my coaching service U CAN DO IT as testimony to this fact.


Too often we hide where no one can see our fear, longing for a safe place to unleash our deepest feelings. As your coach, I can assist you to find your solutions to your life’s challenges.

Brenda has a tremendous amount of life experience and has walked a long path to her own enlightenment. She has done the work and is able to offer wonderful tools for growth to complement her coaching work. Each one of these tools has been exceptionally valuable to me. I had wanted to hire a coach for a long time but waited until just the right person presented into my life. I am so grateful to have Brenda’s support and highly recommend her to you!

L.R., MS, L.Ac.

Owner, Roots & Branches Day Spa

In the short amount of time that Brenda and I chose to enter into a coaching relationship, I have experienced phenomenal expansion of my perceptions of my life, and have been shown the tools to empower my life through forgiveness at the deepest level; to go deeper than I dared on my own. Brenda assists in guiding an individual, who is ready, to the core of a situation with all of the support, compassion, determination to see one succeed in their life. And I must stress compassion.


Host, CONTACT Talk Radio

Brenda Miller challenges and encourages me to get the most out of life by providing me with the tools and support necessary to focus on my personal and professional goals, while experiencing the present moment. I am now capable of identifying and overcoming obstacles that have hindered my growth and my ability to meet my objectives. My mental and physical energy is reaching heights I did not think possible, and I now maintain the clarity to increase self-awareness.