“Desire summons Life Force. If we must continue to be alive, we must continue to have new desire. You are not willing to let yourself outrageously want because when you outrageously want something that you haven’t found a way of getting, it is too uncomfortable, and the risk feels too great. We’re wanting you to hear that there is no risk at all! Fantasize and watch what happens.” ~Abraham Hicks

Admittedly I am someone who too often won’t allow myself to ‘outrageously want’ because it’s such risky business. The risk for me is that if I don’t manifest what I’m desiring, then all the hoopla/conversation about creating what I want will prove to be that — just hoopla; I could feel like I did when I realized there was really no tooth fairy.

So, the quote this month has me having this internal dialogue:

Me-the-Coach to Myself: “So what if it is just hoopla? What will happen to you?”
Me: I will be disappointed. Wonder why so many people manifest their dreams and I can’t. Ask what’s wrong with me, How could I be doing this wrong?

Me-the-Coach to Myself: And what if you are disappointed?
Me: I will doubt the philosophy I want so desperately to believe in -that we can be and are creators of all we desire.

Me-the-Coach to Myself: And what if you are doubtful?
Me: I will end up right where I am right now. Doubtful. Feeling on the outside of all the magic.

Me-the-Coach to Myself: And how’s that working for you?
Me: I guess not knowing for sure has not been working because I’m no closer to believing in the philosophy that we can create all that we desire than I was when I first learned about it so many years ago.

Me-the-Coach to Myself: What other choice can you make which can result in removing your doubt and having more faith?
a. Think of something I really want that seems unachievable.
b. Take a chance; leave the ‘how to do it’ part to a higher power.
c. Pretend I know my dream will become reality.
d. Be patient, trust the process, wait for the manifestation of my dream.

Me-the-Coach to Myself: So when will you commit to doing this?
Me: Right away.

This exercise has brought me to the point of making a commitment to asking for something, and then waiting for it to be given. No doubts, just continued dreaming.

Empowering Exercise:
a. Think of something you really want that seems unachievable and outrageous to ask for.
b. Take a chance; leave the ‘how to do it’ part to a higher power.
c. Pretend you know your dream will become reality. No doubts or trying to figure it out.
d. Be patient, trust the process, wait for the manifestation of your dream.

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