“Personal strategic planning begins with your determining what it is you believe in and stand for- your values. Your values lie at the very core of everything you are as a human being… Your values, virtues and inner beliefs are the axle around which the wheel of your life turns. All improvement in your life begins with your clarifying your true values and then committing yourself to live consistent with them.” ~ Brian Tracy

The importance of the above quote is reflected in my first session with my clients as we begin the coaching process with the identification and clarification of their values.

Most folks get their principles and beliefs confused with their values. Sorting it all out, and discerning the differences is the first step to being able to act deliberately from a place of personal power.

Your empowering exercise for this month:

Make a list of what you believe to be your values. Email it to me. I will provide you with feedback and a values clarifying exercise.

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