“Everything that comes into your experience comes because you have chosen (either deliberately or by default) to activate it and keep it activated long enough that because of the Law of Attraction there is enough momentum to bring it into your experience. Stuff does not just happen. There is nothing that is happening to you that is apart from your vibration, or from Law of Attraction’s response to your vibration.” ~ Abraham Hicks

I am most aware of the words for this month when things go wrong. I’ll stop and ask myself, “What’s going on? Why — or for what reason — is this happening? What am I supposed to be learning something from this?”

Soon I remember that, though there are external forces at play, it is I who must take responsibility for what’s occurring in the present.

Most likely, some negative past event came to my mind; I projected it into the future, awfulized it, and made it into a catastrophic future event. Then I kept worrying about how things would play out, imagining all kinds of predictions with very bad endings. Then, sure enough, something goes wrong.

What’s interesting is that, whatever situation I do create from my negative thinking, it is never quite as difficult to live through as much as the time I spent worrying about it. Yet, breaking this habit of worrying is one of the most challenging lessons of my life.

Join me in a co-creative coaching partnership. I will share all that I’ve learned with you, and you can benefit from the wisdom of my years. There’s value in being supported by an objective person through this process and on this journey.

Empowering Exercise: My remedy for this issue is (which can be yours, if you’re like me):

1. Become aware that I am ‘at it’ again: living in the future reliving some rendition of a horrible event in my past.

2. Come back to the present moment.

3. Stay in the here and now. Be with what is. Etc. Savor the bounty of what is going on every moment and with every breath I take.

This simple practice, to stay present, has become the focus of my life. I have discovered techniques and tools to do this, and am forever seeking more.

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